How Can Mobile Technology Help Your Business?

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By Naomi Bagga

Eighty percent of Internet users own a smartphone, according to marketing company Smart Insights. Meanwhile, 60 percent of media is consumed on mobile, based on research conducted by Comscore. With the onslaught of smartphones and apps, mobile technology has clearly taken over fixed Internet usage in business, creating a more flexible and efficient work environment.

So how exactly does mobile technology improve business? Check out some of the main ways mobile usage can streamline your company processes and allow you to focus on what’s important - profitability.

Always Stay Connected

It’s no secret that the last decade has seen a significant shift in the way people communicate. No longer are the days when we have to leave a voicemail because people are away from their desks and then wait hours to hear back. We live in a time of instant messaging, face-to-face simulation and constant status updating, which breaks down time and location constraints for more flexible and faster communication. Apps like Slack, Skype, Facebook Messenger and even iMessage facilitate communication between colleagues and clients, no matter where in the world they are. This can significantly cut time spent on tasks and improve overall productivity. Try implementing one platform across the office so that communication remains easy and efficient.

Remain Organized and Reduce Costs

These days, the term “There’s an app for that” seems synonymous with complicated tasks. And it does hold true. With many different responsibilities associated with running a business, mobile technology has seen everyday processes simplified. Whether it’s managing your accounting or banking, your employee rosters, scanning, imaging, designing, emailing or monitoring productivity in the workplace - you’ll be able to find an app that organizes it for you through just a few quick steps.

You’ll also be able to find industry-specific apps that cater to particular tasks. In construction for example, the company Busybusy has created an equipment app that makes it easier for companies to monitor and manage their machinery. Not only can you see where your equipment is in real time, but you can also monitor what it was used for and how long it was used on a particular project. This makes it easier to manage time, minimizes unnecessary costs and assists in monitoring employees and identifying points of improvement. 

Marketing At Your Fingertips

With communication becoming more instant and content being supplied in high volumes, implementing frequent marketing efforts is essential to remaining relevant in the eyes of your audience. And with mobile technology, this becomes easier. Most social media platforms have apps, which allows marketers to update and post regularly through their mobile, no matter where they are. Even if you’re travelling or out of the office, you can ensure that your promotional plans and customer interactions never fall behind. With apps accounting for 89 percent of mobile media time, according to Smart Insights, you can also be assured that audiences are constantly engaging with brands because of mobile technology.

The rumors you’ve been hearing are true - mobile technology is here to stay. Due to its fast and flexible nature, mobile can assist in making everyday company processes and marketing more efficient, cut costs and improve the productivity of your business.

Naomi Bagga is a young Australian native living in Los Angeles, who has worked in media, marketing and sales. She is passionate about music, entertainment, freelance writing, entrepreneurship and the changing media landscape, and loves photography, fashion, travel and a good cup of coffee. 

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